Teaching and Supervision in Counseling

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Olivia T. Ngadjui (she/her), PhD, NCC, LPC (ID) is an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University. Her research interests include (a) expanding culturally responsive practice for teaching, counseling, supervising, research/scholarship, and leadership/advocacy in counselor education (b) culturally responsive strategies for informing the work of teachers and practitioners working with students of color in P-12 school environments and (c) preventative wellness practices in counselor education for budding counselors.

Elizabeth A. Doughty Horn (she/her), PhD, LCPC (ID) is a Department Associate Chair and Professor of Counseling at Idaho State University. Her research interests include (a) grief and loss (b) mental health counseling and (c) supporting doctoral students’ research agendas.




This grounded theory study comprised the perspectives of how past and current Black doctoral students formalized their professional identity in counselor education. Findings included reflexivity as a central theme within the internal process of Black doctoral students navigating counselor education programs and a model of professional identity development.

Public Significance Statement

This study suggests Black doctoral students handle counselor education programs with greater inner reflection and observation (reflexivity) due to dealing with culturally relevant barriers and stressors. Findings include a model of professional identity development focusing on the internal process of pursuing careers in counselor education which may be useful across fields.