Our Vision for TRACE

TRACE acquires, organizes, preserves, and provides access to the intellectual capital that makes Tennessee a leader in research and teaching. The academic community is creating more and more new knowledge in digital form.

Digital content enables wide dissemination. Tools such as word processing software, e-mail, blogs, digital cameras, and scanners contribute to a growing body of digital resources with intrinsic value to the researcher.

Researchers draw on content from hard-to-find sources, such as technical reports, grant proposals, conference proceedings, and personal communications, as well as on scholarly work published in journals and books.

TRACE brings together in one place work produced by the UT community to make the content easily accessible. These services highlight UT's prominence in advancing knowledge globally.

Goals of the service are:

  1. Collect digital content in a variety of formats through submission by content creators.
  2. Organize and catalog content to make it discoverable.
  3. Preserve content to assure digital file stability, long-term usage, and security.

Benefits of TRACE