About JASM

The goal of the Journal of Applied Sport Management is to be a valuable addition to the practical, specialist literature by focusing on empirical results and conceptual work that can inform sport industry practice. Accordingly, only manuscripts that make a strong contribution to the sport industry based on practical, conceptual/empirical grounding will be considered for publication.

Manuscripts may address a wide range of issues in sport management but must be presented concisely in order to quickly communicate important pieces of new and innovative research. For example, theoretical manuscripts could be presented as a thought-provoking precursor to a fully developed manuscript to be submitted to elsewhere. Similarly, an experimental or empirical manuscript should offer robust, thorough, and complete results, but should be presented in a digestible, concise, and practical tone.

Peer Review Process

To shift research articles that it will publish in a practical direction, JASM will require each manuscript to be reviewed by one practitioner in addition to at least two reviews by academicians. Practitioners reviews will evaluate the practicality and applicability of the research to the sport industry. Academicians reviews will assess the soundness of the research design, analysis, and conclusions in light of scientific methodology.

As stated previously, JASM maintains that the quality of published research is directly linked to quality reviews by qualified members of a journals review board. Our review board will be staffed with leading academicians from the fields of sport management, business, education, philosophy, and practitioners from institutions of sport, business, education, and government.