Teaching and Supervision in Counseling

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Andrew Wood is an Assistant Professor of Counseling at the University of Cincinnati, serving as the Mental Health Counseling Track coordinator. In addition to his research interests in radical approaches toward counseling and counselor education, he also researches psychosocial oncology.




Anarchist pedagogy has existed for well over 100 years, but little has been written on the subject within the counseling profession and the counselor education literature specifically. Anarchist pedagogy offers a direct relationship between education and social justice praxis that many counseling programs espouse, and thus the consideration of an explicitly political pedagogy may benefit the counselor education profession. This manuscript aims to provide a brief overview of anarchist pedagogy, how it fits into the work of counselor education, and how counselor educators can utilize anarchist pedagogy. Limitations for the infusion of anarchist pedagogy into counselor education and future areas of research are detailed.

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This paper introduces the idea of anarchist pedagogy in counselor education. That is, a form of education that encourages educators to increase democracy, facilitating understanding and appreciation of others, and putting ideas into action in the classroom for training future counselors, and later in counseling practice. This paper was written in order to meet some of the increasing needs in counselor education to look at ways to increase the ideas and action of social justice in the classroom and in the field.