National Quail Symposium Proceedings

Aims & Scope

The primary purpose of the Proceedings is to publish peer-reviewed research and management papers from the National Quail Symposium. Symposia focus on quails in the United States and adjacent countries. Participation in Symposia ranges from 150 to 300 professional biologists, with up to 94 presentations or posters, to date. Each author is expected to publish an abstract or original research in the proceedings.

The Quail Symposia provide a unique opportunity for biologists from state, private and federal land management agencies, and policy-makers, to meet with scientists and graduate students from agencies, research institutes and universities.

The once-every-5-year Quail Symposium provides a unique opportunity for joining the annual meeting of the National Bobwhite & Grassland Initiative Technical Committee (NBGI TC, formerly National Bobwhite Technical Committee [NBTC]), the parent organization of the National Bobwhite & Grassland Initiative. Following establishment of the NBTC in 1995, the two meetings have been joined, as consecutive meetings, in 2002 in Texas, 2017 in Tennessee, and in 2022 in Missouri.