National Quail Symposium Proceedings

About This Journal

The primary purpose of the Proceedings is to publish peer-reviewed research and management papers from the National Quail Symposium. Symposia focus on quails in the United States and adjacent countries. Symposia are held every 5-10 years at locations around the country, including Missouri in 2022, Tennessee in 2017, Arizona in 2012, Georgia in 2006, Texas in 2002, Florida in 1997, Missouri in 1992, and Oklahoma in 1982 and 1972. Calls for Symposium papers occur 1-3 years prior to Symposium depending on planned publication date for each Proceedings.

The National Quail Symposium Proceedings series combines past bobwhite and national quail symposium proceedings, each with a different citation format. Henceforth those literature citations are reformatted to conform to the simplified National Quail Symposium Proceedings series as specified below. National Quail Symposium Proceedings 8 and on uses the new format. Original citations prior to 2017 include the following:

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