Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for International Journal of Nuclear Security

This document provides details on style requirements pertaining to final manuscript submission to International Journal of Nuclear Security.This image is an example of a manuscript formatted for IJNS. Please click the image to view an example PDF.


Style Guide

IJNS adheres to The ACS Style Guide for all formatting and language guidelines. The style guide can be accessed here. IJNS editors will ensure a manuscript follows this style guide before it is published. Authors are encouraged to use this style guide as they write and revise their manuscript. If you have any questions about grammar, citations, punctuation, or other style-related issues, you can consult The ACS Style Guide or contact IJNS with your concerns. If your institution is unable to access this style guide and you wish to submit to IJNS, please contact IJNS with any style-related questions you may have. Authors will not be penalized for not using this style guide during the submission and revision process. IJNS editors are happy to assist authors with style guide adherence.

IJNS uses the Merriam-Webster English language dictionary for spelling and definitions. Merriam-Webster is primarily US English, and IJNS publishes in US English. If you need to look up a word or check spelling, please consult this dictionary. It is free to use and can be accessed here.

Proper and thorough citation is vital in IJNS publications. IJNS requires in-text citations. Please number your citations in the order they appear in the text. If you use a citation more than once in the text, it will keep the same number throughout the manuscript. Place the number in brackets to indicate that it is a citation. All material that has been quoted from another source must have quotation marks around it and include a citation in the text and in the References. All material that has been paraphrased or summarized must be distinct enough from the original text to avoid concerns with plagiarism, and this material must also include in-text citations and an entry in the References section.

Formatting Requirements

First Page:
On your initial submission, include the title of your submission, the abstract, keywords for your submission, and the beginning of your paper. Do NOT include the author(s)'s names or institutional affiliations. This information is included in the online form completed during the initial submission process. For the initial submission, author names must not be present in the manuscript document to ensure a double-blind peer review process.

If your institution requires a disclaimer or acknowledgment, please include this in the Acknowledgment section at the end of the paper or as a footnote on the first page of your submission.

Upon acceptance of a manuscript, include author names and affiliations below the manuscript title in the document. Mailing or email addresses listed in the manuscript are not required.

Page Layout:
IJNS will format your manuscript once all revisions and edits have been completed. The basic format includes single-column text, single-spaced, and clear breaks between paragraphs (either indenting the first line of each paragraph or including line space between paragraphs is acceptable). Section headings are numbered with Arabic numerals, and numbered subsection headings are labeled with the section number followed by a period and the subsection's number (e.g., section 1's subsections would be 1.1, 1.2, etc.). Any further sections within a subsection are not numbered but have italicized headings. The headings use Verdana font, and paragraph text under headings uses Arial font. You may include lists in the form of bullets or numbers.

Please include all tables, equations (mathematical and chemical), and figures in the manuscript where you would like them to be published. Tables should be editable, built using Microsoft Word's table function. Equations should be editable, built using Microsoft Word's equation function. Figures should be images (such as JPEG files) that have been inserted into the document in line with the text, not anchored on the page. Ensure that all figures and tables used from references are properly cited in the caption and in the References, including any reuse permissions required by the journal in which the figure or table originally appears.

Please include References at the end of your manuscript. IJNS uses The ACS Style Guide to format citations. Their Quick Style Guide can be found here. If your institution does not have access to The ACS Style Guide, please contact IJNS with any style questions you may have.

It is very important that you include a DOI in the citation for each source that has one. IJNS is required to publish DOIs for all citations that have one assigned.