National Quail Symposium Proceedings


The Black-throated Bobwhite (Colinus nigrogularis), a close relative of the Northern Bobwhite (C. virginianus), has a distinctive black throat and eye-stripes with both bounded by white. Black-throated Bobwhites occur in three distinct geographically isolated populations. Currently no limits or seasons are in place and a hunting license is the only requirement for harvesting this species in Belize. Little is known about Black-throated Bobwhite populations in Belize and data on the impact of hunting on this species is lacking. Because of its restricted distribution, it was recommended that Black-throated Bobwhites should be removed from the list of legally hunted species pending a better understanding of its population dynamics. In 2006 we initiated a long-term study of Black-throated Bobwhite biology at the 469 km2 Manatee Forest Reserve (henceforth MFR). Data collected at the end of the wet season indicated a population of 0.072-0.144 quail per hectare, which was appreciably lower than the density reported in the heneguen growing region of Yucatan, Mexico. Such densities predictably decreased throughout the dry season (breeding season).