National Quail Symposium Proceedings


We collected information from Oklahoma hunters during a telephone survey conducted in February 1997, to compare demographics of scaled quail (Callipepla squamata) and northern bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) hunters to other hunters. Eight hundred ninetytwo annual, 709 lifetime, and 376 senior citizen hunting license holders, stratified by county of residence, were interviewed. Respondents who hunted quail differed from other hunters by age group, age of first hunting experience, the proportion of their life (>=16 years of age) they have owned an Oklahoma hunting license, education level, annual household income, access to a computer at work, access to a computer at home, and access to the Internet at work (P <= 0.030). No difference (P >= 0.219) was found between hunter types by residential location, hunting license type, proportion of life residing in Oklahoma, ethnic origin, and access to the Internet at home. This information can help wildlife managers better understand their quail hunting constituents and tailor agency programs to fit their needs.