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In 2015, Texas A&M University (TAMU) Libraries and the TAMU Student Government Association (SGA) established the Open Educator Awards through student legislation. Dr. Bruce Herbert shared documentation via TAMU’s institutional repository to guide other universities in creating similar awards (1).

In academic years 2017 and 2018, the SGA at University of Tennessee (UT) has recognized faculty and instructors who are leaders in adopting open educational resources (OERs), and open textbooks in particular, through the SGA Open Education Awards. Based on TAMU’s model, the awards include significant support from UT’s University Libraries throughout the process.

Because workload and stakeholder expectations are difficult to gauge when beginning any new project, presenters will outline their experiences establishing the awards with the aim of helping other OER advocates determine whether such an outreach approach may be effective on their campuses. This poster will provide an overview of steps taken to create UT's SGA Open Education Awards. The steps can be generally summarized as 1) establishing the awards, 2) organizing and coordinating efforts, 3) distributing awards, and 4) harnessing momentum generated by the awards. Additionally, the poster will include considerations in forecasting potential outcomes of the awards by listing partnerships and collaborations in campus OER advocacy that may occur after the awards become established on a campus.

Accompanying the poster will be handouts (physical and digital) with more information about the process. Rather than presenting the steps in a traditional presentation, the poster format will allow others to read through this “recipe,” consider how it might be improved in their own kitchens, and discuss ideas freely with other cooks. With this outline, and documentation on SGA legislation from TAMU, OER advocates will have a practical handbook for developing a student-driven OER award for their campuses.

(1) Bruce Herbert, “Texas A&M Student Government OER Teaching Awards,” Texas A&M OAKTrust Digital Repository, 2015, http://hdl.handle.net/1969.1/156092.

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