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The mission of Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum is to bring together research and multimedia from multiple disciplines that is oriented toward the understanding and practice of social justice, broadly defined. By offering an innovative, peer-reviewed space open to rigorous research from all disciplines, as well as offerings from outside of academia, we hope to push the ideals of social justice to new levels.

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1. Social Justice in Education: Just Another Buzz Word or a True Daily Struggle?

2. With Not For: A special issue on disability.

3. Creating Health from Below? Exposing and Resisting the Power of Media Culture over Public Health.

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Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3 (2012) Religion and Intimate Partner Violence - a special SPARK issue

We are pleased to present Dr. Lee E. Ross’s “Religion and Intimate Partner Violence: A Double-Edge Sword" as the Summer 2013 SPARK issue. This piece is a 'spark' to ignite critical discussions about the role of authority, scriptural interpretation, patriarchy, and violence in our society.
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Kathy R. Evans



Editor in Chief

Rachael Gabriel, University of Connecticut


Landon Bevier, University of Tennessee
Kathy Evans, Eastern Mennonite University
Taylor Krcek, University of Tennessee
Jessica Lester, Indiana University
Shane Willson, University of Kentucky

With an invited introduction by Kathy Evans, PhD, Eastern Mennonite University