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The mission of Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum is to bring together research and multimedia from multiple disciplines that is oriented toward the understanding and practice of social justice, broadly defined. By offering an innovative, peer-reviewed space open to rigorous research from all disciplines, as well as offerings from outside of academia, we hope to push the ideals of social justice to new levels.

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Reform or Revolution?

Can social justice be achieved within the prescribed means of current global and intrastate liberal systems, that is, via reform, or must these systems be radically altered in their fundamental theory and practice, that is, must there be revolution?

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2014) Creating Health from Below? Exposing and Resisting the Power of Media Culture over Public Health.

As members of cultures dominated by media, we tend to construct our identities out of models presented to us by the internet, TV, film, music, and various kinds of print media (Kellner 1995). What it is for us to be “healthy” is no exception. Through the norms embedded in its images, sounds, and messages, a media culture invests its consumers with a potent sense of what it means to achieve health—including the proper ways to pursue and, quite often, purchase it. As a result, we are constrained in our capacity to adopt—and even to imagine—alternative conceptions of “health,” both for ourselves and for the groups of which we are a part. Furthermore, this problem is not easily quarantined by political borders. As U.S. media culture spreads globally, countless others might be infected by its conceptions of “health.”

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