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The editors have designed this book principally to serve as an edited collection of Tennessee statutes relating to animals. Because these statutes were collected and edited, the collection is necessarily incomplete. The criteria and process used by the editors in selecting statutes of interest to our target audiences were thoughtfully conceived. However, the choices they made may differ from those that you would make. We welcome feedback from you—including suggestions for future editions—as to how we can better edit this resource to serve your needs.

Moreover, especially because this book is a selective collection of statutory law available on a specific date, readers should not rely on this book as a source of legal advice. The legislature of the State of Tennessee can and will add, modify, and repeal laws in every legislative session. Additionally, courts have the opportunity to interpret and add to the law with each new case that properly comes before them. Finally, ordinances and other rules serve to make these laws applicable and enforceable on a local level. The interaction of these sources of regulation is complex and the rules of conduct that result from that interaction are best identified and explained by attorneys licensed to practice in the State of Tennessee that are familiar with the applicable statutes, court cases, ordinances, and other rules. We urge you to seek counsel from these legal advisors in interpreting and using the statutes presented in this book; a mere reading of the statutes is not enough to ensure complete understanding.

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