The Harlan D. Mills Collection


This online collection of approximately 500 items is derived from materials in the personal files of Dr. Harlan D. Mills as well as curriculum materials used world-wide by students, teachers, industry and scholars in software engineering during and since his lifetime. Based upon a hardcopy of a bibliography compiled of publications by Dr. Mills for the period 1952-1984, nearly 400 unpublished citations are included in order to represent his intellectual effort as fully as possible. In some cases we have had, or been able to find, full text of the unpublished items; we will be grateful if anyone among his colleagues and students can help to secure additional unpublished items or advise whether they are wholly contained in published items.

We have compiled this comprehensive, centralized, fair-use collection for study. Its primary aims are to preserve the materials and share intellectual content. Most of the publications are now out of print or difficult for most students, academic researchers, and professionals to obtain in a timely fashion. If known, we have noted additional authors and other copyright or repository sources where users may purchase copies.

This collection is in beta phase. Additional clean-up and cataloguing is in progress. Please advise Dr. Jesse Poore of any problems or errors encountered. Thank you for your contribution to the Harland D. Mills Collection of the Science Alliance at the University of Tennessee.


Submissions from 1974

Binary Bracket, Harlan D. Mills

Bracket Search Problem, Harlan D. Mills

Elevators, Harlan D. Mills

Functions, Harlan D. Mills

Hopkins Programming Assignments, Harlan D. Mills

How to Buy Quality Software, Harlan D. Mills

How to Buy Quality Software Systems, Harlan D. Mills

IBM Information Automat, The, Harlan D. Mills

Mathematical Preliminaries, Harlan D. Mills

Mathematics of Structured Programming, The, Harlan D. Mills

Navy AADC Operating System, Harlan D. Mills

Program Definition Language, Harlan D. Mills

Proving Arbitrary Programs Correct by Direct Arguments, Harlan D. Mills

Proving the Correctness by Direct Arguments, Harlan D. Mills

Societal Control Systems, Harlan D. Mills

Stepwise Reorganization, Harlan D. Mills

Structured Programming (a course), Harlan D. Mills

Structured Programming- Elements of Logical Expression, Harlan D. Mills

Structured Programming- Problems and Solutions Using Program Definition Language, Harlan D. Mills

Vector State Machines, Harlan D. Mills