Masters Theses


Xiao Gao

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Textiles, Retail, and Consumer Sciences

Major Professor

Kermit E. Duckett

Committee Members

Mary Sue Younger, Gajannan Bhat


Environmentally friendly nonwoven fabrics can be formed through thermal bonding of cotton and cellulose acetate fiber blends at reduced bonding temperature with the aid of a plasticizer. Water has been introduced as an external plasticizer to lower the softening temperature of cellulose acetate fibers and to enhance the tensile strength of cotton/cellulose acetate web It has been found that water can significantly increase the tensile strength of cotton/cellulose acetate thermally bonded webs at reasonable bonding temperature, and water can enhance the web bonding to essentially the same degree as acetone treatment does. The mechanisms of water effect have been discussed and the optimal processing conditions are proposed through this work.

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