Masters Theses

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Master of Science



Major Professor

Mary Nelle Traylor

Committee Members

Cyrus Mayshark, John T. Smith


This report is based upon observations and experiences during eight weeks at the Child Development Center, a University-Affiliated Mental Retardation Training Center, Medical Units, University of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee. Additional experiences in a variety of community health agencies were planned to complement the experiences at the Child Development Center. The purpose of the field training was to supplement academic training in public health nutrition at The University of Tennessee. In addition to a planned orientation, information on the Child Development Center and additional community health agencies was obtained through selected references, conferences, consultations, and observations. Observation and participation in the program of the Child Development Center and in a variety of community health agencies increased the student's knowledge of the practice of public health nutrition. During the field experience, the student gained an understanding of mental retardation with special emphasis on the role of the nutritionist. She increased her understanding of the application of the interdisciplinary philosophy. She improved her skills in working with medical and paramedical professions by observing other nutritionists and by participating in activities with medical and paramedical personnel.

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Nutrition Commons