Masters Theses

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Master of Science



Major Professor

George D. Swingle

Committee Members

Paris B. Stockdale, C. E. McLaughlin, Otto C. Kopp


Statement of the Problem: English Mountain is interpreted by Rodgers (1953, Geologic Map of East Tennessee) as a remnant of rocks of the Chilhowee group, resting on a prong in the overthrust sheet of the Great Smoky fault. He showed the structure of the Chilhowee rocks to be synclinal in the central portion, monoclinal on the northern end, and monoclinal in the westward extension.

Objective of the present writer were: 1) to check the major structure and detail the contacts, 2) to accurately locate the position of the Great Smoky fault, 3) to map the minor structures, 4) to study the stratigraphy of the Chilhowee group. In connection with the latter: a) the rock types and separation of the Hesse-Murray-Nebo sequence, b) the lithology and subdivisions of the Cochran formation, c) the Chilhowee-Ocoee contact, and d) the base of the Cambrian system were studied specifically.

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