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Master of Science



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B. O. Duggan

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Alanna Phillips, Porter Claxton


The purposes of this thesis are: to study the elementary schools of Grundy County, Tennessee, through their contributive factors, the communities and the homes; to the schools themselves and the teaching staff; and to offer, considering the facts ascertained, conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

To make such a study requires information concerning the communities, the homes, the schools, the teachers, and a comparison of Grundy County in some aspects with comparable counties in Tennessee. The following facts will be considered: assessed valuation of property and the tax rate, receipts and expenditures, number and types of schools, value of school property, scholastic population, number enrolled, average daily attendance, instructional costs, number, training, certification, and experience of teachers, salaries, consolidation and transportation.

In order to obtain the information necessary for this educational survey, questionnaires were sent to the teachers of the county in the fall of 1933 regarding their educational status and that of the school in which they were teaching. The annual report for 1933-34 of the county was made available by Superintendent Coleman H. Dykes, at that time superintendent of the Grundy County schools. In May, 1934, a personal visit was made to most of the thirty-five school communities of the county, and, with the courteous assistance of teachers and citizens, a community survey, which included the information used regarding the homes, was made.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to all persons who have contributed information contained in this thesis.


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