Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

John Haas

Committee Members

Virginia Kupritz, David Clarke


This study incorporated a mixed method approach using qualitative and quantitative methods to capture a deeper portrayal of Verbal Judo. Verbal Judo emphasizes the use of both verbal and non-verbal communication tactics by the officer (influencer) with specific discourse structures to influence the individual to comply with the officer’s requests in compliance-gaining. This study determined that specific Verbal Judo compliance-gaining tactics must be used to try to prevent conflict such as physical force. Successive repetition by officers (with matching non-verbal tone) of strategic Verbal Judo language when dealing with a difficult person appears to be a major key in diminishing conflict and minimizing escalation of conflict within the compliance-gaining context. Minimizing conflict in compliance-gaining situations between officers and individuals benefits law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers, city and state governments, and the general public.

A1.pdf (97 kB)
Jefferson Transcription Key

A2.pdf (127 kB)
"8" Step Car Stop

A3.pdf (121 kB)
"8" Step With Difficult Person

A4.pdf (141 kB)
Jail Sally Port

A5.pdf (147 kB)
"5" Steps with George and Lee

A6.pdf (116 kB)
L.A. Options in Court

A7.pdf (133 kB)
N.Y. Hostage Cop

A8.pdf (100 kB)
Rodney King Incident

A9.pdf (139 kB)
Taser Poor Communication

A10.pdf (117 kB)
Station Fight Transcription

A11.pdf (111 kB)
Female officer Assault

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