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Agricultural Development in Rwanda: Commercialization of the Poultry Sector

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Post-genocide Rwanda (1994 - 2020) has augmented participation in global capitalism, assuming that participation will lead to economic prosperity. Restructuring of the agricultural sector has been a primary project in Rwanda’s pursuit for middle-income status, poverty reduction, and improved nutrition. Given Rwandan’s remnant trauma, history of colonialism, and rapid economic restructuring, critical assessment of Rwanda’s agricultural development is warranted with intentional priority given to the well-being of the Rwandan people. In 2017, Tworore Inkoko, Twunguke (TI), a development project in Musanze, Rwanda intended to increase household income and nutrition through broiler chicken production. This study investigated TI’s effectiveness in empowering the Rwandan people and future implications of the project. After donor grants end, academics speculate that TI will commercialize in the image of Tyson Food, Inc. through contract farming systems.

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