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Lawn Management - Insects, Weeds and Diseases

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Many insects and insect-like pests damage lawns and other turf. They cause the grass to turn brown and die, or they build unsightly mounds that may smother the grass.

Some pests infest the soil and attack the plant roots, some feed on the plants’ leaves and stems, while others suck juice from the plants.

Other insects and insect-like pests inhabit lawns, but do not damage them. The pests are annoying and some of them attack people.

These pests can be controlled with insecticides. The recommendations in this publication are applicable not only to lawns, but also to such places as parks, roadsides, golf courses, athletic fields, cemeteries and to the areas around airport landing strips. However, they are not intended for the control of insects on turf areas that might be grazed by livestock.

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PB1158-2M-2/99(Rev) E12-2015-00-078-99

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