Volume 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Editor's Message

I am very pleased to present Volume 10 of GAMUT: The Online Journal of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic.

The past year, which has brought about so many changes in our lives, has also seen some changes in this journal, though for more prosaic reasons than a global pandemic. First, Michael Baker officially stepped down as general editor of GAMUT in August 2020 as I assumed working in this role. I and the membership of MTSMA are most grateful to Michael for his outstanding contributions over several years to the journal. Michael remains within the GAMUT fold, however, as a member of the MTSMA Publications Committee, which oversees the journal. Indeed, I have drawn so heavily on his knowledge and assistance in preparing this current volume, that he may not feel he has stepped down at all!

The second change in the structure of GAMUT has been the formation of the aforesaid Publications Committee, whose members act as reviewers, editors, and advisors to the general editor in matters of journal policy. Many thanks are due to Michael Baker for the part he has played in bringing this issue to publication; I would also like to recognize the great work and support of the other members of the Publications Committee, including Alyssa Barna, Dana DeVlieger, William O'Hara, Keith Salley, Anton Vishio, and Daniel Zimmerman, in preparing the contents of Volume 10.

Finally, thanks to our contributors in this volume for sharing their scholarship and insights with the readers of this journal. As such a reader, I very much appreciate your contributions to our communal knowledge.

Best wishes and happy reading,
Eugene Montague,
General Editor,
The George Washington University