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As healthcare in the United States transforms, the voice of advocacy for pediatric patients is also evolving. The act of inserting a peripheral intravenous (IV) catheter for medical care of a pediatric patient is one of the most common invasive procedures in the healthcare industry. However, the preventable pain accompanying such a common procedure is often overlooked. Pediatric patients are different than adults due to the lack of physiological and psychological development. When a peripheral intravenous catheter is inserted without pain prevention interventions, there are long-term and short-term consequences for the patient and family. In turn, there are many benefits attributed to utilizing pain prevention interventions during IV insertions. For this project, the standardization of topical analgesics for pain prevention interventions is the main focus for decreasing pediatric pain during IV insertion. For this evidence-based project, the purpose is to implement and standardize the use of topical analgesics for pain prevention interventions during peripheral IV insertions for pediatric patients. The aim of this project is as follows: By December 1, 2022, at least 85% of pediatric patients admitted on the inpatient surgical unit at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, requiring peripheral intravenous access, will receive topical analgesics as a form of pain prevention interventions.

Keywords: pain, peripheral intravenous catheter, pediatrics, intervention

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