Benefits of TRACE

  • Visibility
    Depositing your work in TRACE ensures that global researchers can find it (in Google Scholar, for example) and cite it.
  • Permanence
    Libraries traditionally collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to information resources. Standards and practices for these services now encompass digital collections, assuring the stability of a work's online location. TRACE makes citations to your work as reliable as a scholarly journal, while as accessible as any website.
  • Comprehensiveness
    TRACE supports a variety of file formats. We encourage you to deposit not just the finished work but related materials (including data, images, audio and video files, etc.) and versions that give context to that work and promote further scholarship. The library resolves backups, compatibility, and format issues. Most file formats supported. We are committed to preserving the integrity of your work exactly as you deposit it is 100%.
  • Control over access
    TRACE allows limits to who can see various aspects of your work for a given time, if necessary. This is difficult to do on a personal website.
  • Context
    TRACE places you in the larger context of the UT environment, side-by-side with the scholarly and artistic contributions of your colleagues and students. Similar services at other universities and among scholarly societies link your work to the global community.

TRACE is designed to meet not only today's demands but also new ones as they evolve. It will continue to grow and evolve to reflect current publishing needs and norms identified by UT faculty, staff, students, and the communities you form.