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Today's clothing comes with a much needed item, the care label. This label contains information regarding how to take care of the garment. For many consumers, the information on the care label is vitally important. So important, that the care label influences the purchase decision of four out of five consumers.

Care labels act on the behalf of the consumer. While valuable, they are not without their problems. They may be difficult to decipher and understand. Sometimes information is incomplete and inaccurate. The large number of imported garments results in a variety of care symbols, and currently there is no universal set of symbols to indicate proper care. Perhaps most frustrating to the consumer is that care labels indicate only one safe method of care. Other safe options for care may exist, but are not always stated on the care label.

Despite their problems, care labels are important in establishing responsibility if garments are damaged in the care process. Knowing the requirements and responsibilities of care labels will help you take proper care of items.

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PB1518-5M-9/98 (Rev) E12-2015-00-080-99

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