2006 Freerange Video Contest


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Spring 2006


Description: Life's too short to hold a grudge against those you love. Credits Running Time: 8:52 Additional Information You all probably won't watch these movies more than once so I'll point out some things that people probably won't catch after one viewing. These things are important to the story and they're kind of hidden. The story is about a husband and a wife who have a fight and the next day the husband learns that life's too short to be mad at someone you love. The main idea is that your life can change in five minutes. Time is illustrated throughout the movie: keep an eye on the clocks. Five minute intervals occur quite a bit. To explain what happens to the husband at the end of the movie, he actually had a revelation. This is pointed out in the office, where his coworker quotes Revelations 1:3 from the Bible in order to point out that the husband is late for work. "Something funny" is handled by the husband actually seeing the words "something funny" in the newspaper at the breakfast table. The discovery happens twice. First he discovers his wife's dead body. The real discovery is actually where he learns through his revelation that life's too short to hold grudges. "Lead character goes back to sleep" is handled metaphorically. You see him wake up at the beginning of the movie, but technically, he slips back into a subconscious state during his whole revelation, which is when he goes "back to sleep". Winner, Second Place & Audience Award

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