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We determined the effect on gene transcription of laser-mediated, long-wavelength UV-irradiation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by RNAseq analysis at times T15, T30, and T60 min after recovery in growth medium. Laser-irradiated cells were viable, and the transcriptional response was transient, with over 400 genes differentially expressed at T15 or T30, returning to basal level transcription by T60. Identification of transcripts exhibiting enhanced differential expression that were unique to UV laser-irradiation were identified by imposing a stringent significance cut-off (P < 0.05, log2 difference >2) then filtering out genes known as environmental stress response (ESR) genes. Using these rigorous criteria, 56 genes were differentially expressed at T15; at T30 differential expression was observed for 57 genes, some of which persisted from T15. Among the highly up-regulated genes were those supporting amino acid metabolic processes sulfur amino acids, methionine, aspartate, cysteine, serine), sulfur regulation (hydrogen sulfite metabolic processes, sulfate assimilation, sulfate reduction), proteasome components, amino acid transporters, and the iron regulon. At T30, the expression profile shifted to expression of transcripts related to catabolic processes (oxidoreductase activity, peptidase activity). Transcripts common to both T15 and T30 suggested an up-regulation of catabolic events, including UV damage response genes, and protein catabolism via proteasome and peptidase activity. Specific genes encoding tRNAs were among the down-regulated genes adding to the suggestion that control of protein biosynthesis was a major response to long-wave UV laser irradiation. These transcriptional responses highlight the remarkable ability of the yeast cell to respond to a UV-induced environmental insult.


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