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In 1983, all freshman English students at the University of Tennessee were required to take the Undergraduate Library’s (UGL) 20-minute audiotape tour in order to learn their way around the Hodges Library and in order to pass freshman English course requirements. While the majority of student evaluations of the audiotour were favorable, a significant number complained that being seen taking the audiotour (with headphones and cassette player) stigmatized them as “freshmen” and caused them embarrassment. Thus, the library attempted, through these two posters, to show that the audiotour was not just for freshman, but for everyone. Featured in these posters were Chancellor Jack Reese, English professor Chuck Maland (with his infant son Jonathan), UT football lineman Steve Knight, UT Theaters student actress Rebecca O'Brien President of the International Students Association Kemal Ahmed, and graduate student and campus Jazzercise Instructor Karen Nolt. These 2 posters were prominently displayed in the Chancellor’s outer office, throughout the libraries and campus buildings, and were the subject of a LOEX Conference presentation by Dan Ream in 1984 on marketing library services with the help of campus celebrities. Photography was by library staff member John Crawford and poster design and lettering by UGL reference librarian Dan Ream. Posters photographed in August , 1983 and published in September, 1983. For additional information contact Dan Ream at


Photographs are in jpeg file format and print copies of these posters will be housed in the UT Libraries archives.

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