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iConference 2024 Proceedings

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Abstract. Inclusiveness has been investigated in different ways by Information Science (InfoSci) researchers, often as a line of social justice inquiry. Systematic reviews (SRs), which bridge the gap between research and practice, are a key example of research impacted by inclusiveness. “Transborder” inclusiveness—the ability of researchers from different institutions, regions, and countries to ac-cess information, and the inclusion of information from researchers in regions and countries where English is not an official language in major collections of InfoSci research—influences how researchers perform SRs. Although this topic has been identified in other disciplines involved in Evidence Based Practice (EBP) such as nursing, it has received less attention in InfoSci. We address this need through a reflective case study of an SR in InfoSci which brings this trans-border issue of inclusiveness into focus, demonstrating problems of access and the value of international collaboration and asking an overarching question: how can we make writing SRs in InfoSci research more inclusive?

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