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A GROUP OF SPECIAL librarians who run information services for multinational corporations recently told me what they looked for in new MLS graduates. They want people who feel comfortable learning and searching multiple online systems, teaching end users, and choosing the best resources.

Several in the group complained that, although their new hires were excellent web searchers and web page designers, they did not have enough experience with fee-based online services. One manager said she looks to MLS graduates for less common attributes; she wants people who understand how information systems are structured, can search fee-based systems with confidence, and can formulate good search strategies.

More than one librarian was disappointed that new hires, as opposed to those five years ago, "didn't even know how to search Dialog." I was told, "If someone has good Dialog searching skills, I can teach them any other system." These librarians wanted to know why some library schools no longer require or even include Dialog searching in their curricula.


pp. 36-38

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