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Spring 2016


The Knoxville Museum of Art is an art museum located in the heart of downtown Knoxville. The museum currently has descriptions of its many art pieces written beside the displays in paragraphs of text. However, this current setup only allows the museum to include a certain amount of text description about the pieces, and not all museum visitors want to take the time to read the small print to the side of each piece. As a result, the museum has requested a website application that allows the museum to upload snippets of audio for selected pieces in order to provide an audio tour of the museum galleries. When a museum visitor navigates to this website application on the Knoxville Museum of Art website, they are able to use a smartphone to play these audio snippets as he or she navigates the museum, making the museum experience more fulfilling and enriching.


This report was written for a Senior Design project within the Computer Science department under the direction of Dr. Mark Dean.

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