Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

Major Professor

Ken McCown

Committee Members

Curtis Stewart, Tracy Moir-McClean, John Tyner, Andrea Ludwig


I am researching the use of several stormwater techniques known to reduce runoff to provide future developers and municipal officials with tools to meet the stormwater post-construction runoff standards laid out in Phase II of the Clean Water Act. Specifically, I am looking at Smart Growth, Low Impact Development, Open Space Design, and Green Infrastructure. Phase II states that any new development or re-development equaling one acre or greater must be able to capture and infiltrate the first inch of rain to fall on site following 72 hours with no measurable precipitation. There is no one way to solve the problem of stormwater management; therefore we must implement an integrated approach which synthesizes these design theories to effectively manage stormwater. I used the La Rue site on Kingston Pike just before Cherokee Blvd. as a testing ground for my hypothesis. I will proceed with two design scenarios for this project. The first scenario encompasses designing the site as if it were in the pre development stages. I will keep the same building square footage, but rearrange the footprints in a more efficient layout for stormwater management. The second scenario will be a retrofit of the site to comply with Phase II standards. Though it is not a current requirement of Phase II, many professionals believe in the coming years the EPA will require the retrofit of existing developments to meet these standards. In this scenario, the building footprints will remain exactly as they are but any other features will be malleable (infrastructure, vegetation, grading, etc.). Another component in this thesis will be to determine which design theories are best suited to each scenario. My pre-investigation belief is that for the pre-development scenario, I will be able to implement parts of all four theories. For the retrofit, I believe that I will be limited mostly to Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure. Though, it is possible that I may still be able to fit in some principles of the Smart Growth and Open Space Design (reduce impervious footprints, reduce road widths, etc.).

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