Masters Theses

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Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

Jeffrey T. Fairbrother

Committee Members

Craig A Wrisberg, Joe Whitney


The purpose of the current study was to examine the effects of self-controlled video feedback on the learning of the basketball set shot. Female participants were assigned to self-control (SC) (n = 14) and yoked (YK) (n = 14) groups. SC participants were allowed to request video feedback in the form of knowledge of performance (KP) following any trial while YK participants received video KP according to the schedule created by their SC counterpart. Participants in both groups were also allowed to view a poster of written instructional cues at any time. An acquisition phase consisted of 25 set shots (five blocks) from a youth free throw line (3.66 m). Each trial was 30 s in duration. An additional 30 s break was given between blocks. Retention and transfer phases each consisted of ten trials (two blocks) and occurred 24 hours following acquisition. Retention was administered from the youth free throw line and transfer from a traditional free throw line (4.57 m). Participants were scored on both movement form and shooting accuracy during acquisition, retention, and transfer. Results indicated that the SC group had significantly higher form scores than the YK group during Blocks 3 and 5 of acquisition and during the transfer phase. In addition, the SC group looked at the instructional cues more frequently than the YK group. Both groups increased shooting accuracy during acquisition (p < .05), but did not differ from one another during any of the experimental phases. A number of results differed from previous research findings. The responses of participants on a post-training questionnaire indicated no preference for requesting or receiving feedback following so-called good trials as reported by Chiviacowsky & Wulf (2002, 2005). In addition, there were no differences in accuracy or form between feedback (i.e., good) and no feedback (i.e., poor) trials. Overall, the results indicated that self-controlled video KP facilitated learning of correct shooting technique.

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