Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural and Extension Education

Major Professor

Bornard S. Wilson

Committee Members

A. J. Paulus


The Problem

The problem is to determine the need for, and make plans for establishing a Terminal Vocational Agricultural Program at Hiwassee Junior College.

Importance of the Study

The writer has been employed as a teacher in the agricultural program at Hiwassee Junior College since 1949. The agricultural program has been of a general nature with no clear cut objectives that have been accepted by the teacher and the administration. No study had been made to clearly show the need for the program or the kind of program it should be. The problem arose from this situation. Therefore, the writer needed to solve these problems in order to put the program on a sound basis.

The administration felt there was a need for a Terminal Vocational Agricultural training program. It encouraged the writer to make the study and was willing to give all the help possible.

Definition of Terms

Junior College for this study will mean an institution offering the first two years of college work. This is through the sophomore year.

Terminal is interpreted to mean the formal coursework ends with completion of the sophomore year. This work is not designed for transfer to a senior college or university.

The term vocational pertains to an occupation in this study. It refers to the occupation of farming or employment in related fields of agriculture. Related fields of agriculture are those areas of occupation in jobs not directly in the business of farming but giving service to the business of farming.

Terminal vocational agricultural program is a course of work planned to prepare the student for gainful employment in his chosen area. This training combines the classroom work with actual participation on the job.

Service area is that area from which students come and the college gives its services.

Scope and Limitations

This study is limited to a vocational agriculture program at Hiwasaee Junior College. This program is on a two year basis for all day classes. This study is on vocational program not vocational and general.


The following are some assumptions made by the writer:

There is a place for junior college.

2. There is a place for agriculture in junior college.

3. Vocational approach is better than general.

4. This program should be tied in with the college farm.

Procedure for the Study

The writer made surveys of high school vo-ag seniors in twenty-four counties of east Tennessee to help establish the need for the program at Hiwassee Junior College. This survey was to determine interest in this kind of program. Surveys were made of prospective employers, farmers and men in related fields to determine their Interest in this program.

The writer made a study of some related studies in this area to secure additional evidence of need for the program. The college policies and attitudes of the college administration were studied to find if there would be conflicting purpose in the college policy and the purpose of this kind of program.

Surveys were made of other junior colleges having this kind of program or similar programs, to find their purposes and objectives, and also their administrative and supervisory procedures.

The writer had conferences with the administration of the College to determine its attitude and opinion of a program of this kind.

The history and purpose of the College was studied to determine the degree of compatibility between them and a vocational agricultural program. The findings relating to a need for the program are found in Chapter II.

Through much reading and study the writer formulated some principles that were believed sound for guiding the planning and establishing of a program of this kind. These principles formed a construct for the program. Chapter III is this construct.

The construct served as a guide in making plans for the planning and establishing of a program at the College. This plan is found in Chapter IV.

The study and planning of this work revealed a great need for further study in this field of education. Some of these needs are to be found in Chapter V of this study.

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