Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural Economics

Major Professor

David W. Brown

Committee Members

Joe A. Martin, R. G. Spitze


This is a study of farm record analysis, particularly as it relates to the records of the families who are cooperating with the Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service farm record project. The major objectives of this study are:

1. To examine the present methods of farm record analysis being used in Tennessee. This includes farm, county, and state level analysis. A study of methods cannot be done very effectively without considering the use which is made of the analysis. Thus it becomes a problem requiring the application of basic economics, relating the "input" of finances and time required to prepare the analysis to the "output" of effective use of the analysis.

2. To examine the methods used in other states by the college of agriculture and other organizations, giving particular attention to trends in the work and possible projections of activity.

3. To determine the possibility of all three divisions of the college of agriculture participating in the farm record project.

4. To make recommendations as to the area in which the college of agriculture could be working, the departments or groups involved and the size of the project.

No attempt was made to reach a final conclusion which would preclude any further study of the problem. Instead the attempt was to appraise the strength and weaknesses of the alternative possibilities.

A few basic assumptions must be recognized in this study. First, the farm record is to be the basis of the information to be analyzed. Second, a farm business survey can be of much value in farm management research. This study, however, will not attempt to persuade anyone to forsake the survey method and take up records, as its concern is in the analysis and use of records. Third, while the project leadership in Tennessee rests with extension personnel, this does not preclude the future possibility of research leadership or joint extension-research-teaching participation. Fourth, the farmer automatically grants permission for the use of record analysis Information In group studies. For case studies it may be advisable to secure the specific permission of the record keeper before publishing the results of analysis.

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