Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural Economics

Major Professor

Frank O. Leuthold

Committee Members

Larry L. Bauer, Merton Badenhop, Irving Dubov


Data on 868 young adults reared In Hamblen County, Tennessee, were analyzed by residence and migration pattern. Hamblen County had the greatest level of in-migration of any Tennessee county in the 1950- 60 decade, 21 percent.

Data were obtained by personal interviews with residents of Hamblen County who had adult aged children, age 20 and over. Data were collected in the summer of 1968. A response rate of 98 percent was obtained of dwelling units contacted.

Sixty-eight percent of both the 416 males and 452 females were residing in Hamblen County. Another 7 and 8 percent, respectively, resided in adjacent counties, 7 and 9 percent resided in other Tennessee counties, and 19 and 15 percent resided outside Tennessee.

Both the males and females residing in Hamblen County or adjacent counties had lower levels of educational attainment, lower levels of living, and lower job classifications than did those who resided in other Tennessee counties or outside Tennessee. Also those who migrated and returned to reside in Hamblen County were somewhat lower in their socio-economic characteristics than were those who migrated and never returned to reside in Hamblen County.

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