Masters Theses

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Master of Science



Major Professor

Kerry F. Schell


The purpose of this investigation was to examine the problems and procedures in establishing a Tennessee Scenic River using the Hiwassee River as a case study. The relation-ship between state and federal governments in implementing scenic rivers was also investigated. Conclusions were reached through interviews with government officials and affected Hiwassee landowners. Addi-tional information was obtained through the use of a ques-tionnaire , personal observations, and research of applicable background information. It was found that landowners affected by scenic rivers legislation are hesitant to grant scenic easements. Political pressures play a vital role toward a river's consideration and acceptance as a scenic river. Regulations of the U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Tennessee Valley Author-ity, and the State of Tennessee are flexible enough to permit these agencies to work cooperatively toward a joint implemen-tation of a state scenic river area. National publicity of a scenic rivers area prior to the management of such areas can be harmful to the river's environment; because it encourages and can result in too much use before implementing management, which can control such use. The National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act appears to afford more environmental protection for its candidates than does the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Act. Floating, fishing, and camping are the primary recreational uses of the Hiwassee area; and developments for such uses should be planned to minimize user dissatisfaction.

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