Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural and Extension Education

Major Professor

John D. Todd

Committee Members

George W. Wiegers Jr., J. J. McDow


Purpose The purpose of the study was to ascertain what skills and attitudes are needed for employment in off-farm occupations in the Oliver Springs High School area. Method A survey form was developed by the investigator and information was secured by personal interview from agricultural businesses in the Oliver Springs High School area. Summary 1. Off-farm agricultural cooperative training stations exist in the Oliver Springs school area. 2. The participating employers felt a degree of competency was needed in thirteen general business skills, seventeen agri-cultural mechanical skills, thirteen animal science skills and six teen crop and soil science skills. Twenty-six additional skills were listed as needing special emphasis for employment in agricultural businesses. 3. The employers felt that a development of personal traits within prospective workers was important and they, along with the school and individual, should share in the task of instilling it within prospective workers. 4. The employers were willing to help the vocational agri-culture department plan and carry out an off-farm program. 5. The employers felt that vocational agriculture depart-ments have the major role of developing a knowledge of technical agriculture in prospective off-farm employees. 6. It was indicated that personality development in off-farm employment was more important than academic and technical skills.

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