Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Animal Science

Major Professor

John D. Smalling

Committee Members

J.B.McLaren, R.R. Shrode


A nine-year study, involving 28 cows and 153 progeny records, was conducted at the University of Tennessee Highland Rim Agricultural Experiment Station, Springfield, Tennessee.

This study was designed to evaluate the effects of creep feeding on Hereford heifers which were to become brood cows. Data studied involved preweaning weight, weaning weight, type score and condition score of these cows recorded while they were calves. Progeny data included weaning weight, type score and condition score. Also studied were dams mature weight, rate of maturity and calving interval. These values were calculated from life—time weight and calving records.

Treatment (creep or non-creep) had a significant effect on weaning weight, calfhood type score and calfhood condition score of the cows, but did not significantly affect their preweaning weight. Year of birth had no significant effect on preweaning weight, weaning weight, type score or condition score. Weaning weight and condition score were significantly affected by maturity status of dam while preweaning weight and type score were not significantly affected.

Analysis of progeny records showed that treatment and year of birth had no significant affect on calf weaning weight, type score, and condition score. Maturity status of dam did not significantly affect weaning weight and condition score, but type score was significantly affected. Sire had no significant effect on weaning weight but did significantly affect type score and condition score.

Although those dams which were creep fed as calves had higher mature weight and a slightly faster rate of maturity than those dams not creep fed as calves, no significant difference was found between treatments. Similar results were observed with respect to year of birth, but no significant difference was found.

Analysis of life-time calving intervals resulted in non-significant effects of treatment, year of birth and maturity status of dam.

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