Masters Theses


Rae D. Evans

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Landscape Architecture

Major Professor

Donald B. Williams


The purpose of this thesis was to make a comprehensive study of the area surrounding Lichterman Park, the people and their needs, the actual site, the Memphis park system, and the future of parks in the Memphis area. A master plan for the development of the park was made from the findings of the study. Various books and pamphlets were used in gathering data. Both printed material and personal interviews were used to obtain information from the Memphis Park Commission and the Memphis and Shelby County Planning Commission. Several maps were used to gather information concerning zoning, soils, topography, and other physical aspects per-taining to the park. A master plan was drawn after reviewing all of the information concerning the area around the park. The plan dictated that some basic recreational facilities be integrated into the natural environment while the major part of the park remained natural. The park was designed to serve as a nature center. The active sports area was separated from the passive and natural areas of the park in order to pre-serve the tranquility of the less active areas. Various activities pertaining to a nature center have been proposed as well as the encouragement of wildlife. Nature trails circulate throughout the park and cars are only allowed in specific areas. The landscape design is functional and attractive. Trees were used to screen opposing views outside of the park. In other areas plants were removed in order to provide views of certain areas within the park. The design of Lichterman Park offers some contact with nature and the opportunity for participation in active sports. It will serve the varied needs of the people in its service radius.

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