Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Animal Science

Major Professor

Monty J. Montgomery

Committee Members

Eric W. Swanson, James B. McLaren


Six Holstein steers were used In two 3x3 latin squares balanced for estimating residual effects to determine nutrient utilization and physiological response of animals consuming unsupplemented, soybean meal (SBM) supplemented, and liquid molasses-urea (LPS) supplemented corn silage complete rations. Supplements were mixed at time of feeding to raise the ration to 12 % crude protein on a dry matter basis. Total animal excreta was collected for a five-day period, after which, blood and rumen fluid samples were drawn.

Differences in dry matter intake and digestibility of dry matter,acid-detergent fiber, and acid-detergent cellulose were not significant.Organic matter and crude protein digestibility of the unsupplemented,SBM supplemented, and LPS supplemented rations were 66.7 and 57.5 % ;69.0 and 62.4 % ; and 66.4 and 67.6 %, respectively. LPS supplementation decreased ether extract digestibility. Fecal and urinary nitrogen (N)excretion was not affected by supplement. N-retention (g./day) of animals consuming the unsupplemented, SMB supplemented, and LPS supplemented rationswas 19.1, 11.0, and 17.7, respectively. Calculated values of true N digestibility, biological value, and net protein utilization for the supplemented rations were not significantly different. Mineral balance and plasma mineral concentrations were not affected by supplement. Concentration and molar percent of isovalerate in the rumen fluid was significantly elevated by consumption of the LPS supplemented ration.

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