Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural Extension

Major Professor

Robert S. Dotson

Committee Members

Cecil E. Carter Jr, Robert Shrode


Information from the 1972 and 1977 Tennessee Beef Production Practice Checklist Surveys was studied together with data from the Tennessee Extension Management Information System, TEMIS (i.e., agent days expended and clientele contacts made) for Fiscal Years 1976 and 1978 to determine whether there might be possible implications for the survey and Extension's educational program. The classifications of beef survey practices and TEMIS primary subjects were assumed to be acceptable for this study. Data considered from five Districts and the State. Use of various teaching methods also were studied. From the 1972 and 1977 Tennessee Beef Production Surveys, it was found that dollar values of cattle marketed in Tennessee were $251 million and $273 million, respectively. Positive relation was observed between numbers of contacts and the number of practices used. Recommended practices were grouped under primary TEMIS Subject One, "Beef Management and Planning"; Subject Two, "Beef Performance Testing"; Subject Three, "Beef Diseases"; Subject Four, "Beef Facilities and Equipment"; Subject Five, "Beef Feeding and Nutrition"; and Subject Six, "Beef Pests." Based on 1972 data, four of the Subjects, Subjects One, Two, Three, and Four were below the concern level (i.e. 60 percent) and the other two Subjects were above the concern level. Of the six Subjects mentioned above. Subjects One and Two were the weakest of the six, suggesting the need to emphasize them more as priority areas in Extension's beef educational program. There was a decrease in total agent days expended on beef subjects between FY 1976 and FY 1978, a decrease also was noted in total contacts with beef producers made by agents between FY 1976 and FY 1978. No consequential changes in the relative percents of total agent days expended and contacts made between FY 1976 and FY 1978, excepting an increase of 9 percent in District V contacts related to Subject Seven, a non-practice-related subject. Of Extension methods studied, changes in numbers of agent days devoted to beef Extension work varied from District to District, but, in general, most of the changes for each method were negative in both Individual Methods and Group Meetings, and positive in Mass Media between FY 1976 and FY 1978, though changes in relative percents were not consequential (i.e. 9 percent or greater). It was not clear whether agents had considered priority beef topics identified in the 1972 survey when planning for the period 1974-1978. It was implied that the survey had not appreciably influenced the Extension beef educational program during the period. Recommendations for use of findings and additional study were included.

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