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Master of Science



Major Professor

Miguel Madurga

Committee Members

Miguel Mandurga, Robert Grzywacz, Christine Nattrass


Beta decay and collinear laser spectroscopy are proven efficient tools to study nuclear structure far from stability. Two areas of significance are investigations into nuclear deformation and shape coexistence, as well as delayed neutron emissions used in nuclear energy applications. This contribution presents the ongoing development towards a novel beta-decay spectroscopy station for the VITO experiment at CERN’s radioactive ion beam facility ISOLDE. The setup will utilize both collinear laser spectroscopy and beta-decay spectroscopy to measure the energy and spin-parities of the ground and excited states of radioactive beams. Initial designs of the support structure, magnetic field, and detector array have been produced with the use of CAD, COMSOL, and GEANT4 simulation. This thesis will serve as a status summary of the progress that has been made since 2019.

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