Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Planning

Major Professor

George E. Bowen

Committee Members

Joe Prochaska, Gideon Fryer


A community land trust (CLT) 1s a legal entity chartered to acquire and hold land in the area it serves. The CLT concept was studied to verify its use as a way for communities in East Tennessee to plan and control development. The research for this thesis began in July 1984. The data collected during the study included secondary sources of information, such as books, periodicals, files and legal documents for the three selected community land trusts, Interviews with two members of the three community land trusts in East Tennessee was the primary source of information. Three types of research methods were used in the study. The first research method was a literature review of general data sources concerning the concept of community land trusts in order to develop a model process. The second research method was the use of historical and comparative analyses to highlight the backgrounds of the selected community land trusts. Unstructured interviews were used to update the historical reviews and test the application of the model to the three selected community land trusts. The model process developed from the literature review was applied to the case studies developed from the historical backgrounds and interviews. From the data comparison, four guidelines were identified for use in developing a community land trust. After applying the findings of the study to the literature review, the model process was also modified to make it more practical for local application.

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