Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural Extension

Major Professor

Robert S. Dotson

Committee Members

Don O. Richardson, William M. Miller, Luther H. Keller, Lewis H. Dickson


Dairying traditionally ranks about fourth in importance as a source of agricultural income in Tennessee (15:1).* Annual receipts averaged about 85 million dollars for the five-year period 1959-63. There were about 476,000 dairy cows in Tennessee in 1963. Average milk production per Tennessee cow that year was 4,700 pounds, while the average production in the United States was 7,545 pounds per cow. Research has suggested that production per cow of less than 6,000 pounds is unprofitable and that cows producing below that amount ought to be culled and replaced. Greene County is located in the northeast section of the Eastern division of Tennessee. It is bordered by Washington County to the east, which is also a large dairy county. However 0 in the other four bordering counties (Cocke, Hamblen, Hawkins and Sullivan), dairying does not rank so high in the total agricultural income of the county. The agriculture of the county is chiefly tobacco and dairying.

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