Masters Theses

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Master of Science


Life Sciences

Major Professor

David A. Etnier

Committee Members

William J. Davis, Charles D. Pless


An investigation of Cambarus dubius and Cambarus carolinus was made in Tennessee to evaluate morphological Variation found in populations of these species and to determine aspects of life history and ecology. Taxonomic position and history of C. carolinus and C. dubius was reviewed and discussed. Three clines or possible subspecies in C. dubius were indicated in Tennessee based on both qualitative and quantitative evidence including: width and length of areola, shape and size of chelae, rostrum, central projection, mesial process, and color.

C. dubius populations from northern West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania were significantly different from populations to the south. C. carolinus could not be separated by quantitative measurements from C. dubius, but could be distinguished on the basis of the central projection and other qualitative characters. Color phases were discussed for both C. dubius and C. carolinus. The range for both species in Tennessee was discussed and the range limits for C. dubius delineated. Life history and ecological data were reported for C. dubius and indicated for C. carolinus.

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Zoology Commons