Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Communication and Information

Major Professor

Eric Haley

Committee Members

Eric Haley, Courtney Childers, Moonhee Cho


The multitude of interconnected, multi-scalar issues facing humanity and the collective natural world frame corporate pro-social strategic communications within the United States. Organizations from across sectors are collaborating, brands are becoming activist, and corporations are using media platforms to speak out on a range of issues. The study deals with the emerging phenomena of purpose-led marketing and social impact communications from an agency standpoint. More precisely, the study uses a critical constructivist grounded theory to provide an understanding of the role of communications and agency inter-action that span across corporate sectors and society.The study advances academic knowledge across cross-sector collaboration, corporate social responsibility, communications, marketing, and social change. The conceptual and theoretical findings provide an in-depth practitioner narrative and relational view of pro-social communication. The agencies facilitate sectoral transformation and provide value-mediation between organizations, society, and stakeholders. The study discusses the participant’s action-based storytelling approach to cultural and structural social change.

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