Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Music



Major Professor

Barbara A. Murphy

Committee Members

Keith R. Brown, Brendan P. McConville


The purpose of this thesis was to prepare new graduate students to teach ear training courses. Relevant pedagogical materials were reviewed to gauge what resources are currently available to help new graduate students teach ear training and what additional resources are needed for this task. A survey was created through Qualtrics to investigate the selection, responsibilities, and training of the Graduate Teaching Assistants who would teach ear training. The results of the survey indicated that there is no consistency in how Graduate Teaching Assistants are prepared to teach at different institutions and that, alarmingly, many receive absolutely no training whatsoever. The review and survey informed the construction of a training handbook for new Graduate Teaching Assistants teaching ear training. The handbook provides a philosophical and pedagogical background on teaching and provides tools and activities that Graduate Teaching Assistants can use in their ear training classes.

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