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Master of Science



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Daniel W. Hubbard

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Mary Rose Gram, Robert H. Kirk


This thesis describes and analyzes the author's training with the Nutrition Consultant of the North Carolina Special Project for Comprehensive Maternal and Infant Health Care. As a supplementary experience to the academic training in public health nutrition, the purpose of the field practice was to aid in strengthening the student nutritionist's philosophy and understanding of public health. Data for this thesis were obtained from a variety of personal conferences observations, participation, related literature and an original research project.

An original research project was undertaken to determine whether nutrition services as delivered by a team of home economists and homemakers under the direction of a, nutritionist make a measurable positive effect in the health of children as determined by their growth and development. An analysis of health department records of two similar counties in eastern North Carolina showed that pediatric patients of the health department with a nutrition staff had significantly higher mean weights and less anemia than the pediatric patients of the health department without a nutrition staff. Therefore, the nutrition staff had a measurable positive effect on the health indices of infants.

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