Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts

Major Professor

Ilsa Schwarz

Committee Members

Patti Johnstone, Deborah Von Hapsburg


Currently there is no model of the development of reading skills currently exists for children with hearing impairments. Using the framework of a commonly excepted model of reading for children with typical hearing researchers have sought to determine how children with hearing impairments develop reading skills. The purpose of this is study was to examine a possible link between two components of reading development, speech reading and language. Participants consisted of 5 school aged children with severe to profound hearing loss with cochlear implants or hearing aids. These children were administered the CELF-4 and a department created speech reading test. Results indicated that children with poor language scores had the best speech reading scores while the child with good language scores had poor speech reading score. Performance on tasks examining syntax proved to be crucial to performance on speech reading tasks.

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