Masters Theses

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Master of Science



Major Professor

Mary Nelle Traylor

Committee Members

John T. Smith, Cyrus Mayshark


This thesis is based upon observations and experiences during eight weeks with the Nutrition Division of the St. Louis County Health Department. The purpose of this field training was to supplement the academic phase of the program in public health nutrition at The University of Tennessee.

The field experience and the preparation of this report provided an opportunity for the student nutritionist to evaluate the health needs of a community and to observe the public health program which had been planned for that community. A varied schedule of activities with health department personnel was devised to familiarize her with the functions and responsibilities of other divisions and to develop an appreciation of the interrelationships of these divisions with nutrition. Visits with nutritionists in numerous allied health agencies located in the St. Louis area were arranged to increase the student's awareness of community and state programs. Involvement in the formulation and execution of an individual project and of cooperative services with public health nurses encouraged growth of professional competencies and also self-appraisal of performance.

Additional knowledge of interdisciplinary approaches to health care enabled the student to expand her understanding of the role of the nutritionist on a health team. Working with public health nurses and discussions with individuals involved in nursing education broadened her perspectives in this area.

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Nutrition Commons